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Whats in your pack?

Whether you're preparing for a family outing, natural disaster, or zombie war; everyone should have a survival pack that they never leave without. We're on a mission to find the most efficient and effective essential items to stick in your pack.

Core 4 Titanium Stove Facebook Giveaway

Posted on 6/29/2014

Like and Share on Facebook to enter to win a Core 4 Titanium Stove!

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CORE Stove Project Launched!

Posted on 5/13/2014

The new Core Stove project launched on 5/10/2014. Follow the link below to get a great deal on the first production run of the new Core stove design!

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Fishing Grenade - Pocket Fishing System

Posted on 2/16/2014

A complete awesome pocket fishing system for kids and adults 5 and up and a great project for the kids! Grab a 6 pack of juice bottles from the dollar store, some 550 cord, paints, some fishing line and some hooks and sinkers and a little bobber and make yourself a custom fishing kit!

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Yeah... I'll have some of that.

Posted on 4/3/2015

Looking for a good breakfast recipe to cook for camp? Check out this video from the Yankee Self-Sufficiency (Combining Snarky and Fine Coffee) Youtube channel. He's also got a bunch of other great recipes there too!

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72 Hour Emergency Food Kit
only $19.95


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