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MSP Link List

Great sites and products from around the web.

Link List

The MSP Link List contains links from great sites around the net that offer great information or products.

Outdoor and Survival

Stove Manufacturers

Its hard to beat a bulletproof little CORE Stove but there are some other great stoves out there made by some great guys/gals and we want you to be happy with whatever stove you decide to buy so here's a short list of links to their sites:

  • Bushbuddy Stoves - One of the greats! Ultralight, very pricy, requires short sticks but great twig stoves.
  • Wild Stoves - Very impressive stove! Lightweight, large burn chamber, really pumps out the heat like a CORE 4, its just bulky to pack.
  • Trail Designs - Caldara Stoves - Excellent stoves! Lightweight, a little fragile (don't crush it) and makes pots black all over, but excellent for use in really windy/wet weather.
  • Four Dog Stoves - Bushcooker - Great little twig stoves! Tiny, and lightweight, requires itty-bitty short sticks but very efficient.
  • Firebox Stove - A great box for fire! Tough, but pretty heavy at 2 lbs! Very well engineered to fold down to a tight, compact package.
  • Littlebug Stoves - Simple very lightweight open air wood burning stoves.
  • Element Stove - Simple single walled, hinged, top/side feed square stove.
  • Emberlit Stove - Another great, simple single walled, side feed twig stove.
  • Solo Stove - Knockoff of the Bushbuddy, bulky to pack but works just as good as the Bushbuddy.
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