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MSP Meal Recipe Contest and Prize Giveaway!

Posted on 3/21/2013 by

Share your favorite gourmet camping recipes and win some great prizes! Yep, I went to culinary school... and graduated, but I found that cooking a great meal at camp or on the trail is a whole different ball of wax. You can't just pull a fresh steak and anchovy paste out of your pack to make your favorite caesar dressing while on the trail...



Camping meals can be simple grilled cheese and macoronni and cheeze but if you're like me, sometimes its nice to have a home cooked meal on the trail that tastes fantastic and coming up with a great recipe can be a challenge sometimes. Quite a few times I've planned something that sounded good on paper but then tasted like an old stale cardboard box after actually cooking it on the trail.

Share your most favorite/secret camp recipes that can be cooked on a CORE Stove and win some great prizes that include titanium silverware, a cook kit and even a Titanium CORE 4 Bio-Reactor Ultimate stove! 

We'll try out your recipe and vote here to determine the winners.

Qualified recipes must be home made (no commercial pre-packaged *full* meals). Must be able to be cooked at camp, over a camp stove (Core stove, gas or equiv), no refrigerated items... and it must taste great!

Recipes will be judged by:

1. Tastes Good = Qualifies
2. Tastes Poor = Disqualified (to keep out inedible and boiled rock soup submissions)
3. Best Tasting Top 3 Qualified Recipes

Contest ends Nov 15, 2015 (just in time to get your prize for Christmas!)

Thanks for sharing!

Share Your Recipe Here! or Comment Below or Share on our Facebook page

(Limit one prize per winner. If submitted recipes don't actually taste good, there will be no winners


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