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Yeah... I'll have some of that.

Posted on 4/3/2015 by MySurvivalPack Support

Looking for a good breakfast recipe to cook for camp? Check out this video from the Yankee Self-Sufficiency (Combining Snarky and Fine Coffee) Youtube channel. He's also got a bunch of other great recipes there too!





This looks easy and good!
Now  just have to figure out how to cook it on the Core without burning it :)

Check out the " Yankee Self-Sufficiency (Combining Snarky and Fine Coffee)" Youtube channel for some great recipes!

This is a 1950's recipe and is an easy one to add to and make personal:
8 - 10 slices of bread (cubed)
1/2lb grated cheddar
1/2lb sliced Monterey Jack
10 eggs
3 cups milk
1 tsp salt
1 lb of breakfast meat
green onions
green pepper


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