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Lots of us are hunting for the best gear to assemble into a system that will sustain ourselves or our family and friends in the event of an emergency or disaster. We're on a mission to find the best gear for your survival pack or bug out bag, list it for your reference and if it doesn't exist, design it with community input, manufacture it and get it out to the community at the lowest reasonable price.

Because everyone is different, with different requirements, in different parts of the world, everyone's needs may be slightly different. So as a community we try to select the best gear for the widest audience and promote it. The best gear doesn't have to be gear we sell, it can be from any one of the great vendors out there who's mission is to help others get the best possible solution for their requirements. 

We invite you to join the MSP community and to share your knowledge to help others become better prepared.

Thank You!

The MSP Team



The MSP website has lots of features to help you find the best gear and connect and to communicate with others in the community. Some of the site features only become available when you create an account and log in. We don't share or sell your personal information, period and we're always open to suggestions for improvement.

Basic Site Features

'The List'
 - The List is a category based breakdown of all the gear that the MSP community recommends that you focus on when you assemble your survival pack or bug out bag. The goal of 'The List' is to provide a detailed guide to help you find the best gear available and to provide a basic understanding of how and why an item was selected. The items on 'The List' will change as new products become available or shortcomings in existing list items present themselves and every item may not be a best fit for every individual or situation. The products in the list are not on the list because we sell them, most of them we don't, and we DO NOT accept incentives from any manufacturer or vendor to put them on 'The List'.  'The List' is assembled by voting on individual items by the community in the 'Best of the Best' Gear rating forum plus MSP Team assessment. 


MSP Knowledge Base

MSP Community Groups

MSP Forums

'Best of the Best' Gear Ranking Forum

Vote for the Best of the Best Gear and help us find the best gear.

    Review the MSP Knowledge Base for helpful preparedness information.
    Visit the MSP Forums and participate in the discussions.
    Join an MSP Community Group and network with other members.
    Vote for the Best of the Best Gear and help us find the best gear.


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